Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Si Señor!

One of my favorite cuisines of all time is Mexican so whenever I see a Mexican restaurant in passing, I immediately add it to my list to try out! For today, I have to share with you a restaurant that we have been to quite a few times: Si Señor . This restaurant was established in 1984 by Martin and Irene Castillo in Deming, New Mexico. There is currently one restaurant in Las Cruces, NM which is currently the 11th fastest growing area in the US. The restaurant there has been awarded three "Best of the Best Reader's Choice" Awards: Best Mexican Food, Best Chips and Salsa, and Best Business Lunch Place! There is another location (the one we visited) in Chandler, AZ, which opened in October 2011. They have been serving amazing food there ever since!

My mom and I went there for a late lunch so we ended up only ordering one dish, but I'll go through everything that was served to us.

First, as many restaurants do, Si Señor also serves a basket of freshly made chips and salsa. They however, give you a variety of four different dips! As seen in the back left, they have their traditional salsa, and to the right of that is a bean dip. In the front right, as seen, they have a tomatillo salsa, and the last one is a jalepeno sour cream sauce. All of these were delicious and definitely a treat since they had something different for everyone to enjoy!

At the restaurant, for lunch time, they offer daily specials from 10:30am-2:00pm for $7.50 and these are: 
Monday- Cheese Enchilada, Tuesday- Ground Beef Tacos, Wednesday- Stuffed Sopaipillas, Thursday- Beef Chimichangas, and Friday- Chile Relleno Plate, all served with rice and beans.

Additionally, they have their full menu which features everything from burritos to tacos to enchiladas that can be ordered for lunch and dinner. For this visit, we ordered the Chicken Enchilada in green sauce with rice and beans. The portion of food that was served was quite large and definitely sufficient for two people. It was very tasty, although I could have definitely done with less cheese on both the enchilada as well as the beans.

And finally, as their special, they also serve a Sopaipilla for each person (lunch or dinner) with the choice of plain or with cinnamon sugar. My mom and I each opted to get the cinnamon sugar and it was delicious! The perfect ending to a yummy lunch.

To take a look at information all about Si Señor, take a look here:

What is your favorite local Mexican Restaurant? What dish do you normally get?

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