Monday, August 12, 2013

Asian-Style Shrimp

One of my favorite quick-and-easy dinner recipes I like to put together is Asian-Style Shrimp. The best way I can describe this dish is: sweet and tangy with a little bit of a kick! When you read the ingredients, you'll see why!

NOTE: when I make this, I use my ingredients list as a template for what-not-to-forget but the quantity of each just depends - I will add what I think is necessary until I'm satisfied with the taste ... some days, it ends up a little bit sweeter due to the honey, other times, a little bit spicier due to the red pepper flakes, etc.

What you'll need for the marinade:

Olive Oil
Garlic (fresh works best but if you only have garlic powder, you can use that too)
Thyme (powder)
Ground Cumin
Red Pepper Flakes
Equal parts tamarind paste, white wine vinegar, & soy sauce (this is the only part that I'm picky about - make sure it's equal parts or it'll either get too tangy or too salty)
Fresh Cilantro

Another NOTE: equal parts tamarind paste, white wine vinegar, & soy sauce can be replaced with Worcestershire sauce, if you have that instead.

I try to pick up fresh shrimp when I make this but a lot of the times, I just use the frozen kind. I just de-tail and de-vein them and this is what it'll look like when they're added to the marinade:


Let marinate for about an hour or so. Add to skillet-type pan and cook.

Every time I make this, I'll make a side of vegetables as well - zucchini, green pepper, and yellow squash (tossed in some olive oil, salt, and pepper) along with rice. I had made this for Thomas & I when he moved into his new place. Here's how he assembled his dish (I forgot to take a photo of my plate) - a bed of rice topped with the vegetables and the shrimp!


I'm always looking for shrimp recipes and this is the only one that I consistently keep going back to. Do you have any favorite shrimp recipes?

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